Ways Video Games can Help You Find a Job

Posted on April 7th, 2015 | by      


Good morning, everyone. It’s Tuesday and today’s the day that I bring you tips on how you can find a job. A lot of you probably think of things such as networking and other things to help you with finding your job. But today I have something that is a bit more unconventional.

Have you ever told your kids to stop playing video games? Well, it may surprise you when I say that you should encourage it. Believe it or not, sometimes video games can actually help you with finding a job, according to an article on AOL. Just take a look at the quote from the article and you will see what I mean.

Powering Up. In the world of video games, what you do to yourself can be defined as “powering up.” In a game, you’re likely to face monsters, villains, rabbits eating your valuable carrot crop, or any other assortment of challenges. Great gamers know they have to sometimes slow down on a level to gather strength from charms, gain points to be banked for difficult levels, or get help/extra lives from available resources, including fellow gamers.

In the job hunt world, the same principles apply. You have to know when to rest, when to exercise, how to stay sober and calm, and when to ask for help. No successful job hunt is done totally alone, hence the emphasis many place on networking, job coaches, and job clubs.

Now, understand that I don’t mean that you should spend all your time playing a video game and hoping that you become a world champion at it.  But the article does come up with some really interesting and valid points. So take a look at the rest of the article and you may find that you are surprised at what it says about how video games can help you find a job. Yes, it may seem strange and a bit out there, but it does make sense.

Glad you read this article and I hope you enjoyed it. I know it was a bit strange and probably unexpected, but I like throwing in some whimsical and new things in now and then.  Please come back and read my posts again.

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