Marketing Tips for 2015

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Welcome to the weekend. I hope you had a great week and that you have a great weekend.   Since it’s Saturday, you know that you are going to get a great marketing blog from me today.  I think that you are going to love this one.

I found this article on the Forbes website and it talks about some of the best marketing tips for 2015.  It’s a great article that can help anyone who has a business online to help them make the right decisions so that they can be successful with their business.  Take a look at the quote below from the original article and you’ll see what I mean.

Focus on social. According to Chris Delany, founder of SEMGeeks, a popular digital marketing agency, “The top social media platforms being used by marketers are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Use for both SlideShare and Google+ has increased, but marketers are still most likely to put their time and dollars into the top three social media channels because of their potential for engaged, targeted audiences.” Furthermore, platforms like Vine and Snapchat are also becoming increasingly valuable. You should use your social profiles to promote one-on-one customer engagement and effectively disseminate content that resonates with the target market of each networking platform.

If you have a business, one of the things that you want to do is to read the whole article that is found here. This is going to help you with knowing what you should do to market your business.  This article is going to give you the tips that you need for marketing your business during 2015.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will come back tomorrow for my next marketing blog tomorrow.  I have some great ideas to share with you guys and you won’t want to miss anything.  Have a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow with another blogging article.

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