Hot Tips for Competing as a Small Business This Holiday Shopping Season

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Small Businesses Can Compete for Holiday Shopper Dollars

As the holiday shopping season comes upon them, many small businesses are looking for ways to compete with the larger retailers for customers’ business.  Although the bigger businesses such as Amazon and Wal-Mart may seem insurmountable,  there are things that small businesses can do in order to prepare their business for the holiday shopping season.

A recent article posted on the Small Business Computing website offers some tips that small businesses can use to get ready for the holiday shopping season.  Below is a quote that was taken from that article.

Holiday Ecommerce Prep: Start Early

An effective holiday strategy doesn’t just fall from the sky. “We find that you really need to have at least a quarter-over-quarter plan when it relates to coupons and discounts, because it takes time to figure those out—those promotions, the marketing message behind them—as well as designing those assets,” says Clay Olivier, CEO of ecommerce platform provider Volusion.

It’s an approach that dovetails with another strategy he believes is critical: focusing on repeat customers. Olivier suggests reaching out to your existing customer base before the holidays even start. “They want to get their business back in the customer’s consideration before the holidays hit full force,” Olivier says of small business owners.

The holiday shopping season brings a lot of business to many retailers all over the world. When small businesses use follow the advice in articles such as this one, they will be able to cash in on the shopping season. They will find that they are getting more business and that they are connecting with customers as they never did before.

Take a look at the tools and tips that the article has to offer and see what they can do to help your small business.   Following the tips can give you what you need for being successful during the holiday season.  Although you may not think that you have what you need to compete with the retail giants, you never know what you are able to do unless you try.  Use the tips and unlock your business’ potential during this year’s holiday season.


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