5 Tips for Acing a Job Fair

Posted on April 28th, 2015 | by      

4. Follow up. This is where you can make the biggest impact. The majority of career fair attendees never follow up after the event – don’t be one of those job seekers!

First, send an email thanking the recruiter for attending your school’s event and expressing your interest in the company. Include a PDF version of your résumé with your email. Also, if you can reference one specific thing you learned or appreciated about your conversation, include that, too.

Next, send a LinkedIn invite to each contact you met. Remember, these employees come to campus to make connections with college students, so they will be open to your LinkedIn connection.

Finally, make sure you follow through with any recommendations or next steps the potential employer mentioned. For example, if someone encouraged you to attend their information session next Tuesday, attend. If they asked that you send an email to the recruiter in a different department, send the email, include who referred you and cc the original contact, so that she sees you followed through.


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